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What is a Free Merlin™ Service Request?

A Service Request (sometimes called a trouble report) is a mechanism used in an organization to track the detection, reporting, and resolution of different types of problems.

A Service Request and Trouble Ticket can represent many things based upon your company's industry.

For example:
  • In the field of software development, a Trouble Ticket can be used to describe a defect or bug.
  • In the information technology department a Trouble Ticket might be created for a network or hardware problems or a software installation.
  • Project managers can create a Service Request to track a new system requirement or enhancement request.
Whether Free Merlin™ Service Request is used for Trouble Ticketing and Service Requests tracking, by the Help Desk in your IT department, or for some other purpose, it can assist you in improving the quality of your products, your services and your customer service.

Free Merlin™ Service Request system allows users to create a Trouble Ticket or Service Request. All new Service Requests/Trouble Tickets are automatically submitted to the technical support staff. Upon receiving an automatic notification the technical support staff can handle Trouble Tickets and Service Requests in timely manner. They can also track Purchase Orders and Company Inventory.

Here are some of the main features that Free Merlin™ Service Request provides:
  • Service Requests/Trouble Tickets can be routed to appropriate members of the technical support team for resolution. Team members are automatically emailed from within the application.
  • Resolution time for Service Requests/Trouble Tickets can be monitored and tracked to ensure that issues are handled in an efficient and effective manner, and to ensure that issues do not fall "between the cracks".
  • Technical support staff can quickly scan over past issues with the standard query feature in Free Merlin Service Request and find a resolution for problems that were previously solved.
  • Powerful and rich Knowledge Base system can:
    • Aid in future problem resolutions (no more re-inventing the wheel!)
    • Serve as a teaching and reference tool to "junior" members of the technical support staff.